New Orleans Botanical Gardens

New Orleans Botanical GardensTake a leisurely walk through a beautiful and serene part of New Orleans, the New Orleans Botanical Gardens. Located in the heart of New Orleans in City Park, this beautiful and tranquil retreat from the city is perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Consisting of several different miniature gardens, pathways guide and direct you through each garden. Enjoy the beauty of art sculptures and fountains as you make your way through the azalea, camellia and original gardens. Step inside the Conservatory of the Two Sisters and experience the unique exhibit on Living Fossils that display many topys of prehistoric plant life, fossilized foliage, mosses and ferns. The conservatory also houses a tropical rainforest including a cave system and waterfall.

The New Orleans Botanical Gardens continue to stretch with an Exotic Foliage area and demonstration gardens that allow visitors to see some of the original structures of the Gardens when it first opened. Walk through the herb gardens and inhale the aroma of the vegetables, fruit and other crops including medicinal herbs in the dedicated culinary section of the gardens.

And if all of those amazing miniature gardens are not enough to appease your appetite, the Train Garden offers a display of buildings from the city of New Orleans made of botanical materials. Walk a pathway along the Mississippi River and other bodies of water that surrounds the city.

The New Orleans Botanical Gardens is worth a stop while you are visiting. It is one of the many attractions that we hold dear.