New Orleans Airboat Tours


You may not have been born in the bayou, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit them! A New Orleans airboat tour takes you deep into the swamps and bayous to spot alligators and see some incredible scenery. Tree roots shoot right up out of the water, and in the winter there’s often a thick fog and mist that lends an element of mystery to this wondrous part of Louisiana. Most swamp tours are less than 30 minutes from the Garden District, making them an easy day trip.


However, bear in mind that these tours are very open and December can be chilly in New Orleans. Dress accordingly in waterproof jackets and boots. Don’t forget your gloves, because many tour guides will let you hold a “fingerling,” or baby alligator. You’ll get tips on how to spot alligators nestled against logs and learn about this one-of-a-kind environment.

You’ve Never Been on a Boat Like This


There are many airboat tour companies in New Orleans, and you deserve to go with a reputable business. Choose Gray Line New Orleans, one of the most established tour companies in the country. The New Orleans Tour Company is also highly recommended, and the Cajun Encounters Tour Company offers a variety of ways to see the swamps.


For the more adventurous, you might try New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours or Joe Rugs Water Adventures, but know that airboat tours are safe and accessible to anyone of any age or ability.