Must Visit Places in New Orleans, Louisiana.

With their annual celebration of the festive Mardi Gras, New Orleans city in Louisiana has lots of vibrant activities to experience. New Orleans is recognized for its breathtaking attractions, adventures, delicious delicacies and award-winning museums featuring an extraordinary history and culture. Come and take part in exploring the city full of hospitality!

Eat a Beignet at Cafe du Monde

A famous French sweet treat introduced by the French colonists during the 18th century became the city’s favorite dish for breakfast, dessert or as a midnight snack. Beignet is loved by the locals and especially the tourists. Popular for its sweet and extraordinary taste, the beloved treat can be found at Cafe du Monde where they have been making it since 1862. It is indeed beyond perfection especially when accompanied by chocolate milk to complete the course.

The Historic Jackson Square

Known as New Orleans’ most cherished location because of its history dating way back to the 18th century. It is a favorite spot for visitors and locals, events are also held there such as live music events, weddings and more. Artists flock there to display their work that can be admired by hundreds of people visiting the famous landmark every day. The area is also flooded with restaurants and cafes. Here you can enjoy eating your delicious foods while people-watching or listen to the stories of why this became a national historic landmark. 

Wander Bourbon Street

One of the oldest streets in Northern America filled with blasting music, neon lights all over the place, drinks and cocktails to choose from at the wide variety of clubs and bars. Bourbon Street is the perfect place for people who love partying at night and adults who want to have fun while visiting New Orleans. Evenings spent in Bourbon street is every socialite’s dream. Enjoy a sip of your favorite cocktail drink or liquor while wandering around this historic street filled with laughter and happiness. Strip bars are everywhere so it is not suited for kids!