Must Visit Places in New Orleans, Louisiana

Looking for a place where there is excitement, culture and great food? New Orleans, Louisiana is the perfect city. Visiting this city means living life to its fullest! There are a lot of ways to explore Louisiana and here are some spots that you might want to check and visit: 

Eat a Beignet at Cafe du Monde

This well-known cafe is highly recommended by locals and tourists who may wait in line to experience their coffee and beignets. Located at the side of the French market, this Cafe opened in 1862, which means they are rich in history too!  Now go, ignore your diet and visit this cafe instantly! 

The Historic Jackson Square

Located in the French Quarter, this historical park is perfect for sightseeing with your family. You can stroll around and be entertained by the paintings and musicians, if you get hungry after, you can just drop by the nearby shops that sell food and drinks. So, tell your family and plan that trip now.

Wander Bourbon Street

Wander Bourbon Street is perfect for a night trip. If you want to have a crazy night with a drink in hand, then, prepare yourself because this place is right for you! Wander Bourbon Street is popular for its lit neon lights, wild parties and loud music that will probably make your stay in New Orleans more fun and exciting!