It’s Delivery, not DiGiorno, in New Orleans!

You may not be able to go out for dinner in New Orleans right now, but you can have dinner brought in from one of these great restaurants!

It's Delivery, not DiGiorno, in New Orleans!

Copper Vine Wine Pub

Enjoy Copper Vine’s delicious food from the comfort of your hotel room.  Choose from a variety of dishes, including bourbon-glazed salmon, chicken gumbo, or their amazing mushroom pasta in a cognac cream sauce.  You can pick it up from the courtyard or have it delivered while you watch a movie.


SukhoThai delivers bright and fresh flavors to your door.  Try their shrimp-in-a-pouch or their lime curry, and don’t forget an order of either pineapple fried rice or spicy drunken fried rice.  The food is delicious with a distinctly Southeast Asian twist, and still healthy.

Izzo’s Illegal Burrito

The burritos at Izzo’s are so good, they should be illegal.  Try their shrimp burrito with fresh chimichurri sauce, or opt for the dry-rubbed steak burrito.  Round your meal off with chips and queso and one of their flavored soda options.


District can satisfy your donut cravings with one of their gourmet offerings, but that’s not the only thing you’ll want to get delivered.  Try the chicken and honey butter french toast biscuit, which is layers upon layers of flavor packed into one delicious sandwich.  Finish with the over-the-top bacon ranch cheese fries.

Enjoy some of the famed NOLA food, even in your hotel!