Historic French Quarters in New Orleans

New Orleans might be been known to many as a “go-to-party-place,” but it actually offers a lot more than just that. Visit the exquisite Garden District (where our hotel is located!) and eat your way across Nola’s unbelievable eateries and bistros. Beignets are an unquestionable must-try. Book a guided phantom visit that weaves through neighborhood bars, backstreets and burial grounds allowing you to take in the view of the historical French Quarter. Here we gathered the top three things to do when visiting New Orleans:

Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World

Situated in the most exceptionally appealing city of America, this festival catches the attention of many tourists. It showcases grand sculptures and floats in a parade, a really joyful celebration. Mardi Gras technically means “Fat Tuesday,” as a representation of the last day Christians can eat rich and fatty food before the start of the Lenten sacrifices the next day. What’s more is that before even starting the celebration, you’re already given a slice of King Cake to kickstart the event.

Frenchmen Street

If you’re a fan of the soothing and relaxing Jazz music and ambiance, Frenchmen Street is the perfect place for you. And with the pandemic going on, they found the perfect way to let people enjoy the atmosphere without risking their health. Jazz clubs and restaurants are locked and no one can enter, yet their jazz bands are still playing inside, just to let the people enjoy it from outside.

Art Exhibit in Studio Be

For the artsy ones, the Art Exhibit in Studio BE by the graffiti artist Brandon “BMike” Odums, will truly capture not just your eyes, but also your heart. Fill your visual cravings with the huge murals and various displays of his craftsmanship and creativity that aims to educate and inspire people who would see it. And above all else, feel his passion in expressing, the main thing that you would be able to appreciate upon walking around.