Hispanic Culture Celebration


October 14 celebrates Hispanic culture in New Orleans, which arrived in full force in the late 18th century with the Spanish Empire overtaking the city. The Spaniards still have a rich and thriving community here, from the stunning architecture to the enduring cultural influence. The French Quarter hosts Carnaval Latino every year and it’s where you can get the best Latin art, music and of course food.

The Hispanic-American Musicians and Artists Cultural Association hosts the fiesta, and brings musicians, artists and chefs from around the world to the heart of the city. It’s the only place you can enjoy the creations of artists, cooks and creatives from Nicaragua, Portugal, Mexico and of course Spain at one location. Set amidst the Spanish architecture of the quarter, it’s a party you don’t want to miss.


Dance the Night Away


This family-friendly event encourages all to attend, and you’ll spot world-class dancing from the tango to Spanish hip hop with a little salsa and merengue for good measure. Latin artists from New Orleans are highlighted along their counterparts form a variety of Latin countries. Artists like El Sheriff and Oro Solido are often featured.


Dance performances choreographed to stun take place throughout the weekend with traditional Mexican folk dancing, mambo, samba and more punctuated with amazing costumes. It all starts with the annual parade Desfile de Las Americas with 12 floats to represent every Latin country in the Americas.