Haunted Celebrations in NOLA

Celebrate the spooky days in New Orleans! Halloween is just around the corner. NOLA has a list of activities and venues that features thrilling adventures. Plan your vacation and join the locals in NOLA enjoying their Halloween celebrations!

Halloween Celebrations in NOLA

Halloween celebration in NOLA is totally remarkable for its engaging spooky activities that you will love. Haunted houses and attractions are open for people who want to experience a frightening adventure. Influenced by many types of celebration, you will enjoy Mexican-themed, Japanese-themed and the local-themed Halloween celebration.

Voodoo Halloween

New Orleans has a lot of places where people can gather with their loved ones for a spooky but extremely entertaining Halloween. You can enjoy fun-filled entertainment at the New Orleans City Park Festival Grounds. Have a voodoo experience while chilling with good music at Voodoo Festival, a drive-in theatre in NOLA.

Haunted Rooms at Mortuary Haunted Mansion

In celebration of Halloween, Mystere Mansion with Mortuary Haunted Mansion opens their haunted doors to people who are seeking intense courage testing adventures. You may enjoy the mansion’s features such as the Escape Rooms where there are 5 creepy rooms to choose from. Unlock the mysteries and get yourself out of the dreadful scenes from The Serial Killer’s Lair, The Game Room, Zombie Escape, Treasure Hunt and The Ghost Lab.