Fun Facts About New Orleans

Fun Facts About New OrleansNew Orleans is known for many things to include great jazz music, amazing food and free flowing libations. There are also many other facts about NOLA that you may not know but should. To help you out, here are a few…

–          Most of the buildings and architecture have more of a Spanish history. Many of the French structures were lost during a fire in the 1700s while under Spanish rule.

–          Guinness named Lake Pontchartrain Causeway the longest continuous bridge in the world.

–          The superdome is one of the largest enclosed arenas in the world.

–          Rese Witherspoon, Harry Connick, Jr and Ellen DeGeneres are all from NOLA.

–          Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans.

–          During the Civil War, New Orleans was the largest city in the Confederate States of America.

–          Voodoo was first introduced to the United States in New Orleans.

–          Louisiana is one of just two states in the US that does not have counties, they have ‘parishes’.

–          Craps and Poker were both invented in NOLA.

–          The first opera performed in the United States was in New Orleans in 1796.

–          NOLA is considered America’s Most Haunted City.

–          The first Mardi Gras actually took place in Mobile, Alabama in 1703, not New Orleans.

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