Five Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Trick-or-treating safety TipsMake this Halloween weekend a fun and safe weekend. Before heading out in search of candy, review these five Halloween trick-or-treating safety tips to make sure you are safe while out and about.


  1. When planning costumes, bright colored costumes are fun and safe. Drivers have a hard time seeing you in the dark. Brightly colored costumes help you stand out. It is also wise to make sure that costumes do not drag the ground as they can be a tripping hazard.
  2. Be careful when wearing costumes that incorporate weapons. You do not want your play weapons to be mistaken for actual weapons. Also, check to make sure that you do not have an sharp or pointed objects sticking out. You may accidentally bump into someone and injure them.
  3. Always use designated cross walks when crossing the street, especially after dark.
  4. Avoid alleyways or dimly lit areas as they could potentially have ghouls and goblins lurking.
  5. Your little ones should have an emergency contact name and number on their persons in the event they get separated from you or lost. You can always put it in their pocket, pin it to their costume or even write it on their arm with a pen.