First time in New Orleans? Here is a must-see destination you

Individualism and diversity have always been appreciated in New Orleans. Native Americans, Europeans and West Africans all survived and thrived in the New World. The city’s spirit was influenced equally by Creole and Cajun as well as French and Spanish. It is still a friendly atmosphere now.

Bourbon Street

New Orleans Bourbon Street is one of the most well-known streets in the United States. Throughout the day, you may drink in the gorgeous outdoor terraces and then at night, you can revel in the dazzling neon lights. Must-sees include the Old Absinthe House, Maison Bourbon, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, as well as Pat O’Brien’s patio.

WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum has been the most visited destination in New Orleans. The American experience during WWII is brought to life through fascinating galleries and displays. This is not an exhibition to rush through; allow at least a half-day to explore this world-class museum.


JAMNOLA is a year-round pop-up that honors the music, art and culture of New Orleans. Documentaries regarding Mardi Gras traditions and life-size interactive crawfish boil pots are among some of the exhibits. Biting into a po-boy mural is one of the many unique photographic opportunities available in each chamber.