Feeling Bored? Try These Boredom Busters in New Orleans

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are obliged to stay at home as much as possible. But that does not mean that we cannot have fun anymore, the city of New Orleans is accessible virtually these days. You can walk virtually into the many museums, attractions, musicians and of course online stores! Here are some of the New Orleans boredom busters that will surely make kids and adults entertained. 

Read Your Favorite New Orleans Book

While we are unable to stroll and explore physically right now, why not see New Orleans through your favorite author? You can enjoy reading some of the books that are set in New Orleans, from classics like A Streetcar Named Desire to new titles like The Yellow House which is about a memoir about a family home in New Orleans. How about reading some recipes from New Orleans chefs and with these you can probably cook like a pro! 

With These Creative Activities, Grab Some Crayons

There are still lots of options for you to explore while at home, New Orleans style. You can start showing your creativity by downloading coloring pages and letting out your artistic side within. Then, you can share your artwork on social media! You can also support local businesses by buying some of their coloring materials like postcards or calligraphy kits.

Take A Virtual Tour Provided by Local Museums

You can explore New Orleans for free by accessing virtual tours and diverse exhibits offered by local museums. How about tuning in a live stream of an art class? There is still a lot more! The Ogden Museum of Southern Arts is said to be offering downloadable activities such as drape painting, paper sculpture and mixed media collages. Try them now!