Experience A Night Like No Other in New Orleans!

New Orleans is a city for night owls! The moment the sun goes down in New Orleans, there will be opportunities to enjoy, listen and dance to live music and catch cabaret shows! Come and immerse yourself in a city that comes alive at night, New Orleans!

Cajun dancing 

Move and groove here in New Orleans! This big city is full of Landrys, Boudreaux’s, Hebert’s and Terrebonne who were taught how to dance by French-speaking grandparents in bayou country. Check some of the Cajun dance halls in New Orleans and before you know it, you are already on the dance floor to songs with French lyrics! Even if you do not know the lyrics, you will surely have fun in the crowd. 

New Orleans casinos

Gambling in New Orleans has been known for decades. Previously underground betting became popular because the state did not allow it and horse race bets have been allowed since the 1920s and still remain. To boost the state’s economy, Louisiana voted that up to 15 riverboat casinos could operate in the local waterways. Later on, casinos and video poker outlets were legalized and began showing up in the state. Now, want to place a bet?

Bourbon Street Bar

Bourbon Street is much more than a bar hop. There is entertainment in every corner that encourages visitors to dance, sing and join the crowd! Aside from that, you can also spot some rich history in this street. You can find here some of the oldest bars in the United States that keep their doors open to visitors 24-7. You can also discover a hidden courtyard, flaming fountains, dueling pianos and specialty drinks that will please you!