Eating Internationally: North America

Try food from around the globe while you’re in New Orleans!


United States: Bywater American Bistro

Start with the familiar at the Bywater American Bistro.  Their pork belly entree is an elevated version of a Southern classic, served with apples and rice.  If you want to try some regional favorites, get Chicago deep-dish pizza from That’s Amore or thin-crust New York pizza at Pizza Delicious.

Cajun:  R’Evolution

Cajun food may be found in parts of the United States, but it’s so unique, it deserves its own entry.  Head to R’evolution for some amazing Cajun food, like their Death by Gumbo quail stew or the snapping turtle soup.  Each dish perfectly marries the spices and flavors of French, Spanish, and African cultures into the palette that is now considered to be Cajun.

Mexico: Cunada

Add a little spice at Cunada!  Their food is made with fresh ingredients, and you can taste the quality.  Enjoy a bit of variety with their taco platters – the nopale tacos are delicious –  and don’t forget to get an order of elote.  Round off the meal with a frozen passionfruit margarita.

Cuba: Que Rico!

Enjoy a hearty Cuban sandwich with fried plantains at Que Rico!  This cafe specializes in Cuban food, and has even been named one of the best Cuban restaurants in the U.S.A.  Don’t forget one of their imported fruit juices to balance out the spice!

Dominican Republic: Mangu

The Dominican Republic has a tropical flair to its food that you’ll notice in Mangu’s menu.  Try the yaroa, a street food consisting of plantains, salsa chicken, and cheese, or vegetarians can enjoy their vegetable mangu, topped with a rich white sauce and accented with cilantro.

El Salvador: La Macarena Pupuseria

Enjoy food straight from Executive Chef Isabel Ochoa-Galvez’s native country, El Salvador.  The Mayan Stewed Chicken is full of warm spice and is served over flavorful saffron rice, and don’t forget an order of their signature pupusas.  Pair it with a passionfruit aqua fresca for balance.

Jamaica: The Rum House

Enjoy some tropical Jamaican food at the Rum House, where you can order jerk chicken, or their specialty, the Seafood Pepper Pot, a sort-of stew with shrimp, mussels, and mahi mahi.  Don’t miss out on the dessert menu – their Funky Monkey is amazing with bananas and chocolate splashed with rum.

Enjoy delving into new cuisines while you’re in New Orleans!