Eating Internationally: Europe

After South America, head to Europe for some delicious food!

Eating Internationally: Europe

France: Antoine’s

Antoine’s is generally considered one of the best restaurants in New Orleans, so they are the perfect place to go to try French food.  Try escargot in a red wine sauce, followed by rich coq au vin or tender Filet St Louis steak.  No matter what, don’t miss their chocolate mousse dessert- it’s creamy, rich, and light!

Germany: Bratz Y’all

The schnitzel at this restaurant is perfection on a bun!  Despite the Southern-sounding name, this small place serves up good German food, from potato salad to leberkaas.  If you want to try dishes beyong the ever-popular bratwurst, Bratz Y’all can help you in your adventure.

Greece: Byblos

Byblos offers platters with your choice of meats, rice, and sides to sample their tasty Greek recipes, and it’s the best way to venture into Mediterranean cuisine.  The vegetable-laden Greek salad is topped with fresh and crumbly feta cheese, and a piece of baklava is the best way to finish any meal.

Italy: Marcello’s

The chef at Marcello’s is cooking primarily Sicilian food but still incorporates influences from other regions of Italy.  Indulge in grilled artichokes, fresh mussels in spicy broth, and polpettini, along with a rich red wine.  After, don’t miss dessert alongside a post-meal espresso.

Poland: The Green Room Kukhnya

If you’ve never had cheese blinis, you’re missing out.  The Green Room offers a variety of blini stuffings, from ham and cheese to mushroom and spinach.  Paired with a bowl of borsch, you have a satisfying and delicious lunch, and you can even take an apple blini home for dessert.

Spain: Costera

Costera’s seafood paella, overflowing with clams, mussels, shrimp, and chorizo sausage, is the best dish to fall in love with Spanish cuisine.  The dish is designed for two, but even if you’re alone, just know you can take it home, because it is still worth it.  Another delicious option is yellowfin tuna in a blood orange sauce for a fresh, citrusy take on seafood.  Pair your meal with one of their Spanish wines.

Enjoy trying some new food from the continent of Europe and check in next month to visit Africa!