Eating Internationally: Africa

Try food from various African countries at these great NOLA restaurants!

Eating Internationally: Africa

Egypt: Torshi

Located in St. Roch Market, Torshi serves up Egyptian and Mediterranean food in a comfortable, warm setting.  You’ll see some familiar dishes, such as hummus, baba ganuj, and shawarma.  Don’t miss out on their stuffed grape leaves, and finish your meal with a serving of sweet baklava.

Ethiopia: Cafe Abyssinia

Cafe Abyssinia brings Ethiopian cuisine to Louisiana.  You’ll find a lot of similarities between Ethiopian and Creole cuisine, which can make it a bit less intimidating.  Try their perfectly prepared collard greens, and don’t miss the dorowet, a spiced chicken dish that is jam-packed with flavor.

Morocco: Casablanca

Another country with heavy Mediterranean influences, Morocco is well represent at Casablanca.  Start with a spicy eggplant salad, then enjoy fish tagine with bell peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.  Pair it with refreshing mint lemonade and finish with Moroccan flan.

Gambia: Bennachin

Bennachin focuses on coaxing out the best flavors from the freshest ingredients.  Stop by for lunch so you can get the jama jama ni makondo special, which features sauteed spinach, fried plantains, and sweet coconut rice, or try domoda, a beef stew with peanuts that’s served over rice.

Tunisia: Jamila’s Cafe

Tunisian food pulls in Mediterranean influences, as well as French and Italian, for a well rounded experience.   Start with an appetizer of brik aux crevettes -phyllo dough stuffed with shrimp, potatoes, and onions, then move onto chicken couscous with fresh vegetables.  Finish with makroud, a semolina cake smother with a sweet orange blossom syrup and dates.

Enjoy exploring food from Africa without leaving the comfort of New Orleans!