Eat Beignets Like a Local


It’s pronounced “ben-yay” and it’s the dessert everyone has to have, but be forewarned—you’re about to fall in love. You might find posers, but the real deal is at Café Du Monde, which has multiple locations around New Orleans (most of which are open 24/7). The first Café was opened in 1862 in the French Market and still exists today. For history buffs or purists who want the original original, only the French Market Du Monde’s will “deux.”


In the early days, it was your basic coffee shop. Mostly, it specialized in dark roasts with chicory, or fresh squeezed orange juice as an alternative. However, like most coffee shops, Du Monde’s found that patrons wanted something sweet with their coffee. Beignets are a traditional French doughnut smothered in powdered sugar. Get three or a bunch with the Café’s famous café au lait for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Messy Means Delicious


It’s a tradition to be as messy as you like when eating your beignet. The floors are covered in powdered sugar—as are most patrons when they leave! Beignets were first brought to Louisiana by way of the Acadians, and were fried fritters occasionally filled with fruit.


However, today the beignets are fruitless, served in groups of three, and it’s just as much the experience as the sweet delicacy that brings hordes of revelers to Café du Monde.