DIY Costume Ideas

DIY Costume IdeasNeed a few last minute Halloween costume ideas? No worries, we have a few quick DIY costume ideas that will keep you from spending a fortune.

–          Medusa: Simple, easy and comfortable. Wear your favorite black pants and shirt. Put your hair up in a bun. On your way to the party, stop by the closest toy store, Target or Walmart and pick up a few toy snakes. Take a few bobby pins and secure the snakes in your hair. So quick, you won’t even be running late.

–          Zoo Keeper: Your kids dressed up as a lion and a tiger, you have to follow them around trick-or-treating all night. Why not join the fun and be the Zoo Keeper. After all, keeping them in line feels like you work at a zoo. Just throw on a pair of khaki cargo pants, boots and a khaki colored shirt. Be sure to wear your ‘Zoo Keeper’ badge.

–          Jellyfish: Dress comfortable in a white or pastel colored shirt. Find a white or clear umbrella and matching string, feather boa or ribbon to match your shirt. Better yet, you can use strips of bubble wrap. Attach the string/ribbon/bubble wrap/feather boa around the edge of the umbrella so each piece hangs 3-4 feet long. Ta-da! You have a free flowing jellyfish AND you are the most comfortable person at the party!

–          101 Dalmations: This one is for the whole family. You need white shirts and pants for everyone. Take a magic marker and draw spots all  over the shirt and pants. If you don’t have white pants you want to draw on, black pants or black shorts with white tights will do. In a short period of time you can have an entire litter of puppies.

–          Ghost: It may not be original but it is the most simple and cheapest costume you can find. All you need is an old (or cheap) white bed sheet. Cut holes for the eyes and you are done. What did that take, 5 minutes?!