Day By District: Mid-City

Mid-City is not well-known as a tourist destination, but if you want to live like the locals, this is where you can do that!

Day By District: Mid-City

8:00 AM – Biscuits And Buns On Banks

Start your day with the amazing breakfast options and Biscuits and Buns.  Get an appetizer of french toast bites and mini biscuits and gravy, then fill up on chicken and waffles or a crab and brie omelet.  If you’re up for a three course meal, finish with waffle-battered oreos.  Enjoy it all with a hot, flavored latte.

9:00 AM – NOLA Green Roots

NOLA Green Roots is the Mid-City community garden organization, and they are absolutely worth a visit.  They frequently offer workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, from building a greenhouse to organic gardening.  After you stop by, you’ll go home inspired and knowledgeable, ready to replicate their garden in your own yard.

10:00 AM – Hurricane Katrina Memorial

This memorial site is the burial place for 85 unclaimed victims of one of the worst hurricanes New Orleans has ever endured – and endure the city has.  The walkways surrounding the monument are designed to mimic the winds of the storm, and the benches provide a place for you to sit and reflect on a city that came back stronger than ever after a tragedy brought it to its knees.

11:00 AM – Pitot House

Take some time to tour the house of New Orleans’ first mayor.  The Colonial architecture is a marvel to see, and inside you’ll learn about life in New Orleans as it grew from a small bayou settlement to the booming city it is today.

12:30 PM – Blue Oak BBQ

For lunch, dig into massive plates of barbecue.  Try a combo plate with brisket, pork, and spare ribs, and balance the saucy meat with your choice of sides, like macaroni and cheese, creamy potato salad, and bright ginger slaw.  Grab extra napkins – it’s going to be pretty messy!

1:30 PM – New Orleans Museum Of Art

Spend part of your afternoon wandering through the galleries of NOMA, admiring the beautiful artwork on display.  The Sculpture Garden is particularly impressive, with various sculptures scattered along the old, tall trees and lagoons of the property.

5:30 PM – The Mortuary

The Mortuary is a haunted house in New Orleans with year-round ghost tours and Halloween special events.  After being used for nearly a century as a funeral home, the building has its share of ghosts, and it’s fascinating to hear about the history of the building.

7:00 PM – Ralph’s On The Park

The food at Ralph’s s hard to surpass.  Start with turtle soup, a Creole classic, then dig into crawfish pasta in a white wine sauce.  Finish with a piece of almond satsuma cake, topped with a rich whiskey sauce.

9:00 PM – Cask

The best way to end your day is over an evening drink at Cask.  The bar offers a broad selection of wines, as well as beer and cocktails.  The intimate atmosphere provides a perfect backdrop for chatting with a friend or partner, or simply relaxing and reflecting on your day.

Enjoy getting to know New Orleans district by district!