Day By District: Faubourg Marigny

Follow this guide to see the best of the Faubourg Marigny district in one day!


The Faubourg Marigny district was originally a part of Bernard Marigny’s plantation in the early 19th century, until Marigny broke his land up into small tracts for buyers to build Creole cottages.  The area became home to factory workers and black veterans due to the lower cost of living in comparison to other districts.  In the 1970s, the gentrification process began, but the heart and spirit of Faubourg Marigny has remained.

8:00 AM – Buffa’s

Start your day with breakfast at Buffa’s.  Try their spicy shrimp creole omelet or dig into a Southern classic with shrimps and grits.  On the weekends, they have a jazz brunch, where you can enjoy some great music while you dine.

9:00 AM – Admire New Orleans Shell Bank Bayou Swamp Tour

Spend the morning in a kayak on the bayou, admiring the stunning landscape, the amazing wildlife, and some beautiful weather.  You’ll hear about the infamous swamp monster, as well as learn more about New Orleans’ unique ecosystem and how it plays into the Creole culture.

12:00 PM – St. Roch Market

Make lunch interesting by heading to St. Roch Market.  The hall has a variety of food vendors, so you can order one thing from various booths and enjoy a tapas-style meal while you taste all sorts of cuisine.  Have a grilled cheese salad from Doily, crawfish poutine from Fete Au Fete, and mango wings at Fritai.

1:30 PM – Island Of Salvation Botanica

Embrace the mystical with a psychic reading at this Haitian vodou store and enjoy browsing the crystals, herbs, and oils for sale.  Learn more about an oft-misunderstood religion and how it’s contributed to NOLA culture.

2:00 PM – Crescent Park

Take a bit of time to sit in Crescent Park and just admire the stunning view.  The naturally landscaped park is a great place to simply bask in the beauty of New Orleans, relax, and reflect.

3:00 PM – Palace Market

It’s easy to kill several hours at this open-air market. Various local artists and craftsman display their work, making this a heart of New Orleans culture in visual form.

5:30 PM – The Franklin

Stop in at The Franklin for a pre-dinner cocktail.  Their Peaches & Herb riff is delicious with warming bourbon, sweet peach, and dark anise flavors.

7:00 PM – Cru

Have a nice dinner at Cru.  The restaurant serves classic dishes with elevated ingredients – french fries with truffle oil, ceviche with lobster, avocado, and cantaloupe, or scallops with vitelotte puree.  The food is delicious, and you can talk about the day as you linger over every bite.

9:00 PM – All Ways Lounge

Finish the day with drinks and a show at the All Ways Lounge, where you can sip a cocktail while watching one of their amazing burlesque shows.  A visit here is a great summary of everything New Orleans represents – over-the-top fun, luxury, and art.

Enjoy a day in the Faubourg Marigny district while you’re in New Orleans!