Day By District: Arts And Warehouse District

Explore the Arts and Warehouse District in one day by hitting these highlights!


8:00 AM – Willa Jean

You’re going to need a good breakfast to get through the day, so start at Willa Jean.  Order their griddled banana bread for a fun way to get some potassium, and their Hangover bowl will provide some protein, between the tender short ribs and the eggs served over grits.

9:00 AM – Ogden Museum Of Southern Art

See beautiful exhibits and various mediums created by Southern artists.  As you walk through the gallery, you’ll notice the influence Southern life has had on the work of these artists, and you’ll also see moments in history frozen in their pieces.  It’s both an educational and cultural experience.

11:00 AM – New Orleans Glassworks

Take advantage of a day in the Arts District and head to the Glassworks to see some free demonstrations.  You can see firsthand how glass is made, from the initial mixing of chemicals to being handblown and fired.  You’ll learn how artists work with the molten material and turn that into the delicate and stunning glass art you see in galleries and shops across the country.

1:00 PM – Auction House Market

It’s time for lunch!  Head to the Auction House Market and order something from all 9 stalls to put together the most NOLA-centric meal you’ve ever seen.  Enjoy empanadas, fresh seafood, Indian street cuisine, and light but delicious macarons.

2:00 PM – National WWII Museum

Spend the afternoon at the WWII Museum, learning more about the second war to end all wars.  With oral histories, artifacts, and dioramas, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the hardships faced by American families, the fear that grew in Japanese Internment camps, and the horror over the events in Europe.  It’s powerful and moving, and you won’t be able to complete it in one afternoon, but you’ll see enough that you’ll want to come back.

5:00 PM – Mississippi River Heritage Park

Take an hour to walk through the beautiful park in the Warehouse district.  It’s a lovely place to sit and relax for a moment, and while you’re there, you should be sure to find the memorial to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

6:00 PM – Bar Marilou

Indulge in a pre-dinner drink at Bar Marilou, located in an old library.  The atmosphere is quirky and soothing, particularly for bibliophiles, and the drinks are unique and delicious.  Try a Lady Creole, which really captures the spirit of New Orleans.

7:30 PM – Mulate’s

Head to Mulate’s for a Cajun dinner.  Dig into a bowl of Gumbo or jambalaya or a po’boy sandwich, then order the bread pudding topped with rich butter rum sauce.  It’s Alton Brown’s favorite and you’ll understand why after just one bite.

9:30 PM – Howlin’ Wolf

Finish off your day NOLA-style with cocktails and live music at Howlin’ Wolf.  The intimate setting provides amazing acoustics and you’ll get a wonderful taste of the local musicians that are an integral part of New Orleans culture.

Have a great day exploring the Arts and Warehouse District while you’re in New Orleans!