Coming Up: Caribbean Festival

If the summer heat is making you wish you were on a tropical island, we know just what you need!

Coming Up: Caribbean Festival

Starting June 20th, New Orleans is once again hosting its annual Caribbean Festival, bringing a taste of the islands for four days.  It’s a fun event that will take your mind off the temperature!

The Main Events

While there’s far too many things to do at the festival than can be listed here, there’s a few key events you shouldn’t miss.  For instance, on Thursday, you should watch the Konpa Konnection jazz concert featuring artists from New Orleans and Haiti.  It’s sure to be an amazing show.  Afterwards, go to the afterparty at Blue Nile, where you can listen to music spun by disc jockeys from Trinidad and the Bahamas.

On Saturday, roll out of bed early enough to hit the 11 AM brunch at Revolution.  Try some amazing food with a Caribbean twist, and start the party with some rum cocktails, before continuing on to the main festival.

And don’t miss the wrap party on Sunday night.  Deja Vieux Food Park is hosting, and not only will the best food trucks be there, but you’ll be able to wind down thanks to some chill Reggae music.


If you haven’t had Caribbean food, you’ve been missing out.  From oxtail to saltfish, Caribbean food is all about the flavor.  It shares elements with the Creole cuisine New Orleans is famous for, and you’ll see okra, rice, beans, and tomatoes as common ingredients.  Caribbean chefs also use a lot of plantains, cassava, and coconut.  Some popular dishes you should watch for at the festival include oxtail, goat curry, and jerk chicken – these are some of the most popular dishes, so definitely take the opportunity to try them.

The Festival

The Festival proper starts Saturday.  There, in addition to food, drinks, and music, you’ll find a large number of vendors displaying their arts, crafts, and other goods.  Some booths are even selling key ingredients so that you can try cooking Caribbean at home.  Ask for a recipe – everyone’s more than happy to share their culture!  You’ll also see dancers showing off their moves – feel free to join in, because why not dance?