New Orleans: City that is so much more than Bourbon Street

Maybe you already heard about the popular spots of New Orleans. It might be from the newspaper or magazines but what about those spots that were not included in some known papers or columns? Here are a few of the “never heard before” spots. Check these out!

Studio Be

First one is the Studio Be. This studio is a large warehouse space located in the Bywater neighborhood. Here you can find the output of the local artist named Brandon Odums or better known as BMike. Brandon’s works are more on large paintings and murals. You will be able to witness Brandon’s talent personally by visiting this studio.


This lovely riverside park was built because the city invested in a renovation program. Before it was not possible to walk around but now this park is a local spot! If you are wondering, this park measures a mile and half long. I suggest you go bring a bottle of wine, a plate of food and find a good spot in this park for a picnic!

Orleans Museum of Art

This museum of art in New Orleans will not disappoint you! Its building is very grand because of the alabaster walls and Roman columns. And when you go to the garden area, you can find a five-acre sculpture with artworks beneath magnolias and live oaks! The inside of this museum is also impressive because there are exhibits from fashion to digital media. Come visit for great artworks!