Bayou Boogaloo

Bayou Street used to be New Orleans’s “back door.” That’s changed, starting when 20th century captains could get closer to the city’s business district via Lake Pontchartrain, thanks to public transportation improvements. However, now the bayou is separated from the lake making it perfect for canoes, kayaks, rubber rafts, and other non-motored watercrafts. In other words? It’s the ideal place to party.

The Bayou Boogaloo takes place every mid-May. This year, it’s the 18 – 20th. Full of food, art, music and more, the three-day fest is packed with stages featuring live music, dancing, and plenty of surprises. However, the stages are far enough apart that you can hop from one experience to the other.

Down in the Bayou

 As you stroll around, pick up some tasty regional fare at one of the many vendors and food carts around the grounds. Grab a cold drink, sit by the water, and kick back to some of the best musicians in the city. In a separate section, artisans feature and sell their goods so you can pick up a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

The festival is always free to enter. Sales from the event benefit local non-profits and fellow organizations. Keep an eye on the lineup by visiting, and start gearing up for a truly New Orleans experience!