Awash with Color

Don’t miss the exhibit Awash with Color: Seldom-Seen Watercolor Paintings by Louisiana Artists (1789-1989), a free event at the Laura Simon Nelson Galleries for Louisiana Art. Only on display until June 4, the exhibit celebrates watercolor as one of the most versatile of mediums. Landscapes were popular in the 19th century as “en plein air” and watercolor was also used in place of sketching before painting with oils. It wasn’t until the 20th century that watercolor became a full-fledged medium in its own right.

The transparent layers are able to capture light in a way no other medium can. From reflections to sunsets, skin to waves, it’s a challenging medium not only due to the translucent layers, but also because it’s so quick to dry. There’s no way to get a “re-do” with brush strokes like you can with oils.

Works of Art in New Orleans

From a historic perspective, watercolor is also very delicate—it can’t be exposed to light for very long or the pigment will fade rapidly. That’s why this exhibit is so rare and on display for a short amount of time. There are about 70 paintings by famous and unknown artists alike. Discover the beauty of works by Alfred Jacob Miller, Joseph Richards, Walter Anderson, and more.

You’ll find genre paintings, advertisements, landscapes, portraits, and of course Mardi Gras inspired works. Paint boxes, watercolor trays and original sketchbooks are also featured. Stop by Tuesday through Saturday between 9:30 and 4:30 at the gallery on Chartres Street.