Arts Council New Orleans LUNA Fête


Only in New Orleans, the annual LUNA Fête is a collaboration that marries art, the season and lighting technology to create one of the most dashing festivals in town. Established by the Arts Council New Orleans two years ago, the mission was to use the city’s landscape as the canvas for a massive outdoor public display of art designed with technology and light. The celebration lasts for several days in December and features digital sculptures, lit installations, art animated with tech, and video-mapping projections.

The goal of the LUNA Fête is to inspire and engage everyone who sees it, regardless of age. This year, the LUNA Fête will grow across the city as it leads up to the Tri-Centennial celebration in 2018. The event is always free and open to the public. This year, it operates from December 7 – 10, and you can check out the display from 6 – 9 p.m.


Light Up New Orleans


A variety of local, national and international artists are participating, including some creative tech-based designers. Where art, tech, tourism, architecture and community engagement intersect, you’ll find LUNA Fête. It’s also a nod to the street-based artistry of the region, and connecting admirers to free art is a New Orleans tradition.


Head to Lafayette Square to begin your tour of the installation, with volunteers, Arts Council staff and the artists on hand to answer questions. You’ve never seen New Orleans like this before!