A Sanctuary for Artists in New Orleans

If you are in New Orleans, you will find more than an ordinary work of art. The museums in New Orleans showcase the amazing talents of its locals and other skillful artists. Visit the museums we listed to see New Orleans’s beautiful gift of talents.

JAMNOLA – New Orleans

This art and musical sanctuary will bring you all the positive vibes when you see their creations. JAMNOLA or Joy, Art & Music – New Orleans, has a unique strategy to bring joy to their audiences of all ages. JAMNOLA does not only entice people with their amazing decorations, displays and their theatres but they also offer artsy souvenirs, apparels and other accessories when you visit JAMNOLA. Make your life vibrant and colorful with JAMNOLA!

NOMA – New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans Museum of Art or NOMA has been a venue for New Orleans’s talented artists since 1911. As the oldest institution of fine arts, NOMA has acquired over 40,000 spectacular works of art with some influence of the French, American, African and Japanese style of art. Visit NOMA for its old and modern masterpieces by many skilled artists. Explore NOMA’s museum and Sculpture Garden to see more.

Artistic Exhibits and Events

JAMNOLA has already prepared for the upcoming celebration of Halloween. Book your tickets online to see JAMNOLA’s colorful exhibits. After that colorful experience, visit the Besthoff Sculpture Garden of NOMA for a relaxing environment. You will find Teresita Fernández’s mosaic masterpiece in Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Her masterpiece is a large mosaic of a landscape called Viñales or Mayombe Mississippi that is extremely popular in the state.