3 Ways to Chill with Nature in NOLA

A breath of fresh air tends to relax our mind and reduce the release of stress hormones. With the help of these places, you can enjoy the calmness and solitude only experienced in nature. So, find your spot and allow nature to grow on you.

Tossing the Bait into A Fishing Spot

City Park offers various spots to go fishing. With 11 plus lagoons in which a bountiful species of aquaculture can be found. Stay tuned throughout the year as City Park conducts events that may include plenty of fishing. They also provide an Insider’s Guide to City Park Fishing for examples of fish species you may encounter on your trip.

Chill Under the Live Oaks at Audubon Park

Ever strolled for miles under the shade of oak trees? Audubon Park is just the place for you. Provided with other amenities, Audubon Park is open but has strict healthcare protocols to abide by. Enjoy this urban oasis with a garden of oaks to stroll through.

Become Friends at Wisner Center Park

Despite having the park hours restricted, you can still make the most of Wisner Center Park. It is best known for its recreational playgrounds and dog parks. Take your pets for a stroll and let them enjoy a bit of freedom running around the park.

Give yourself the opportunity to breathe in these difficult times. Grab a book and find your place to relax in nature.