2021: What You Must Know Before Coming to NOLA

If you are planning to visit NOLA, it is highly recommended that you learn how to go around the city. This information includes access to NOLA’s transportations, the best time to visit NOLA and the seasonal events that you must look forward to on your visit. Plan your itinerary today and enjoy your tour around the city of NOLA!  

Access to NOLA’s Transportations

In exploring NOLA, you will need to know how to get to your destinations. Many people who visit NOLA do not use cars when exploring the city. You can buy a Jazzy Pass to access NOLA’s famous streetcars as well as when taking a bus. Many places in NOLA can be explored on foot or by riding a bike. The use of this transportation will depend on your itinerary and destination. Plan your trip and do not forget your Jazzy Pass! 

Best Time to Visit NOLA

You can visit NOLA at any time of the year. But if you are avoiding NOLA’s busier days and the hot weather during summer, it is recommended that you visit during winter around December and January. More visitors enjoy the good weather while touring NOLA during Spring, Summer and Fall. You can also join and enjoy NOLA’s seasonal events if you plan your visit on the day of the event that you want to participate in.  

Seasonal Events in NOLA

One of NOLA’s famous events, the Mardi Gras takes place around February and March every year. If you have visited one of NOLA’s Jazz clubs, then you can join the city’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival which is held around April and May. Join the locals of NOLA during Fall for more exciting activities.